Our Assets

Our investment focus is on distressed companies, and therefore, we have a very specific approach to investing. We do not invest in management teams or in a single successful business person. Most often, we invest in groups of assets burdened with debts, where there are favourable market conditions. Our investment approach could be described as “DIY” or “Do It Yourself”. We put a management team in place, set out targets for them, and monitor their performance. We do not shy away from diving scrupulously into every little detail of the investee’s operations.

Tools for creating value

Working out a strategy for the investee to emerge from bankruptcy by reaching an agreement with banks on debt restructuring, which either reduces the debt burden on the business, or eases the burden by extending the repayment period

Reaching an investment’s
full potential

Investor-led initiatives are catalysts for the growth of a company. Upon reaching a certain level of development, the company either becomes interesting for a potential strategic investor who specialises in a specific sector, or starts paying significant dividends.