Own Investments


Wholesale and distribution centre

  • Period of completion 2014 –
  • Project’s geography Russia

RusAgroMarket Holding, guided by the Russian Food Security Doctrine, is implementing a project to create a federal network of wholesale and distribution centres (WDCs) for agricultural products. The project aims to modernise the logistics and warehousing infrastructure of the Russian agricultural sector and to provide new distribution channels for agricultural products. Primarily, the WDCs specialize in fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as meat and fish products.

Advantages of a WDCs network For the Government: increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises through access to organized market outlets of WDCs, creation of a program to control wholesale food market and of a unified registration system for food flows, development of sustainable trade relations and export potential, including within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union.
For agricultural producers: the possibility of year-round storage, processing and the sale of agricultural products at favourable prices.
For retailers: opportunity to purchase a wide range of quality Russian and imported food products at the same WDCs.
For the population: improving the quality of food and the share of Russian agricultural products for consumption. PCG has been the main project investor since 2014. PCG has implemented so far the following activities:

  • Attracting Vnesheconombank as a co-shareholder of the project.
  • Obtaining debt financing from VTB Bank.
  • Opening the flagship WDC in Novosibirsk with a total area of 103,000m2.
  • Purchasing of land in the Rostov Region for a WDC construction.