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United Panel Group

Producer of plywood and MDF

  • Период реализации 2014 –
  • География проекта Russia

The project objective is to financially rehabilitate the company which is among Russia’s top 5 producers of laminated plywood and MDF. Since 2009, the company faced bankruptcy several times, as it had a shortfall of working capital and was one of the least efficient enterprises in the sector.

  • Reached an amicable settlement with the company’s creditors
  • Raised bank financing in order to restructure the debts under the amicable settlement
  • Built a new management team
  • Reviewed and revised corporate governance principles
  • Worked out a business development strategy
  • «Жешартский фанерный комбинат» (Республика Коми), входящий в UPG, вошел тройку лидеров-экспортеров российской фанеры в Европу