Oct. 29, 2021

UPG is headed by Matvey Vyatkin

He became the chief managing director

He has been appointed CEO of the timber processing company, United Panel Group, part of the PCG portfolio.

Under Ivan Kosyrev's leadership, the company successfully weathered the 2019 industry crisis, increased production volumes, significantly strengthened its market position and reduced its credit burden. Currently, the company is facing new challenges and tasks and has set a course for accelerated modernisation of production.

Matvey Vyatkin has extensive experience in managing a wood-processing business and understands the specifics of plywood production. Under his leadership, the Sveza Plant in the Perm Territory was successfully developed for several years. Afterwards, Matvey Vyatkin headed the Syktyvkar Plywood Plant from 2016 to 2018.

"I am sure that Matvey Vyatkin, with his understanding of the specifics of plywood production and his work experience in the Komi Republic, will give the necessary impetus to the company's business development," as Maxim Kravchenko, PCG’s partner, commented on the appointment.

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