Oct. 14, 2021

RusAgroMarket is headed by Leonid Shlyapnikov

He became the chief managing director

Leonid Shlyapnikov has been appointed Partneras General Managing Director and CEO of RusAgroMarket Holding, the national system of wholesale distribution centres for agricultural products (WDCs).

Bogdan Grigoriev had led the RusAgroMarket project since its foundation, first within the Ermak Group and then, since 2015, as General Director of RusAgroMarket Holding. During this time, the concept of the WDC network was formed, a team with relevant functionality was built, and financial partners, VEB.RF and VTB were attracted. Under his leadership, a WDC was built in Novosibirsk, a logistics provider RusAgroService-Siberia was established, and a unified IT platform "Marketplace and automation of the WDC" was developed.

"PCG has been the main investor in the project since 2014. RusAgroMarket has become one of the most ambitious projects in the company's investment portfolio, to the undoubted credit of Bogdan Grigoriev. This year, the project has moved from the construction phase to the operational phase. Leonid Shlyapnikov will be involved in the holding company's operational and commercial activities, bringing the marketplace to the customer, and developing the logistics and storage infrastructure of the Russian agro-industrial sector. I am confident that Leonid Shlyapnikov's competence and extensive experience in this industry will bring the project to a new level of scale and efficiency," commented Vladimir Yermoshin on the appointment, PCG’s partner.
Leonid Shlyapnikov is an expert in the creation and development of infrastructure and technologies for agribusiness, supply chains, international commerce and FEA, wholesale and retail trade, WDC and food markets. He has been Managing Partner of the Russian Warehouse Distribution Service Agency (RWDS) since 2016, specialising in project management, financial modelling, design and development of wholesale-retail and wholesale-distribution centres. In addition, Leonid Shlyapnikov is the founder and leader of the Agroklub expert community, which brings together professionals from the agricultural sector specialising in the development of WDCs and food markets.

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