Aug. 22, 2021

Zheshart Plywood Factory, Ltd. is 75 years old

PCG is growing its portfolio company with confidence

In 2021, the Zheshartsky Plywood Factory in the Republic of Komi, one of the enterprises of UPG, part of the PCG portfolio, will celebrate its 75th anniversary.

The factory started on 22nd August 1946 and has remained one of the leading players in the timber processing industry in Russia ever since. Today Zheshart Plywood Factory is one of the top three exporters of plywood to Europe and one of the top five producers of birch plywood in Russia.

Nowadays, the factory, along with the whole UPG, is standing on the threshold of a new stage. The factory's Development Program up to 2028 includes modernization and new technological solutions, cost reductions, and the product line expanding. Great attention will be paid to local products processing.

The wood processing company UPG was formed in 1999 and produces various types of wood-fibre materials for furniture, construction and other industries under one brand name. PCG has been one of the largest shareholders in the company since December 2014

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