Nov. 19, 2019

YouDrive begins to increase the fleet with the support of new shareholders

The cars were delivered by Nissan as part of a strategic partnership agreement for the supply of 10,000 cars, signed in June 2019. Earlier, 250 cars were already delivered in St. Petersburg. In the coming months, YouDrive will continue its growth in accordance with the tasks set by the new controlling shareholders of the Company.

In the summer of 2019, a controlling stake in YouDrive was acquired with additional financing by a joint venture of Mail.Ru Group and Proxima Capital Group. Negotiations have been ongoing since the beginning of the year.

At the time of the transaction, the operator’s fleet amounted to about 2,500 cars available to users in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Yekaterinburg, including partner operators’ vehicles available for ordering in the YouDrive app.

For both Mail.Ru Group and Proxima Capital Group, YouDrive is a strategic investment. The goal of the project is to become one of the two largest players in the carsharing market, as well as to develop new projects related to short-term rental services.

The contribution of new shareholders is not limited to YouDrive financing. The partners also provide operational support to the Company, supplementing and expanding the expertise of the Company, including cooperation with car manufacturers, leasing companies, banks, as well as in the development of new products.

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