Dec. 4, 2020

Managing partners of Proxima Capital Group took part in the First Eurasian Congress

Vladimir Tatarchuk took part in the session “Cross-border infrastructure and the formation of end-to-end value chains”. The panelists discussed the issues of creating mechanisms for the development of regional enterprises involved in the foreign economic activity of industry in the Eurasian space, increasing the transport and logistics potential of the EAEU and investment needs for the development of cross-border infrastructure.

Speaking at the event, Vladimir Tatarchuk spoke about the construction of a network of wholesale distribution centers (ORCs) by the Rusagromarket portfolio company and integration processes with the EAEU member states. He noted that the Russian wholesale food infrastructure is outdated, it is necessary to create a new service and platform for agricultural and processing enterprises. It is very important to connect directly manufacturers with buyers, providing them with all the necessary services: storage, processing, logistics and sales of fresh products, and provide them with modern digital infrastructure. The creation of a unified federal network of ORCs will allow for the redistribution of agricultural products not only between Russian regions, but also between the EAEU countries.

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