July 24, 2019

VTB develops cooperation with RosAgroMarket

The funds allocated by VTB will be used to finance construction of the wholesale distribution center (WDC) for agricultural products in the Novosibirsk Region. Commissioning of the first stage of the Novosibirsk WDC (103 thousand square meters) is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. The total investment in the project is estimated to be more than RUB 8 bn. RosAgroMarket is already forming a pool of tenants from the Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Kemerovo and the Altai regions.

WDC in the Novosibirsk region is part of a large-scale project to establish a network of wholesale distribution centers in several regions of Russia carried out by RosAgroMarket. The strategic goal of the company is to create a single trade and logistics space in the territory of the EAEC (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan). The RosAgroMarket network will be organized not only as a logistics platform for storing, finalizing, transporting, pre-sale preparation of goods, but also as a single electronic space, allowing online sales and purchases based of a single Marketplace system. The system is used by more than 50 thousand large and medium B2B customers in Russia and abroad.

“I am sure that the wholesale distribution center will become a popular tool among suppliers to sell products and expand their sales geography. We are highly interested in supporting companies and enterprises in the real sector of the economy and we are happy to assist in the implementation of the RosAgroMarket project”, – said Ruslan Eremenko, Head of the Regional Corporate Business Department, Senior Vice-President of VTB.

“The objective of our project is not only to ensure a high level of warehouse and transport logistics for trade within Russia, but also to help realize the national agribusiness export potential, which is especially important for reaching the goal set by the President of our country to increase the export of agricultural products to USD 45 bn by 2024, – said Vladimir Ermoshin, Managing Partner of Proxima Capital Group. – The support of such a partner as VTB is a guarantee of the implementation of our plans”.

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