M&A сделки

Brunswick Rail

Railcar lease operator

  • Период реализации 2017
  • География проекта Russia

Sale of a leading privately-owned company in the Russian market for operating lease of railway freight cars

By the time Brunswick Rail hired us, it was experiencing financial difficulties due to the shrinking market for rail freight and the Russian rouble devaluation. Both of these factors negatively impacted Brunswick Rail’s ability to service its foreign-currency debts. At the time of the sale, the company had negative shareholders’ equity: it had US$748 million in liabilities (of these US$600 million were bonds maturing in November 2017) and US$448 million in assets. The process was set up as a sale to an investor not of the business, but rather of an opportunity to engage in negotiations with bond holders to restructure debts and thus turn the shareholders’ equity from negative to positive. Several investors submitted their proposals and one of them was accepted by the shareholders.
  • Prepared marketing materials
  • Identified and attracted potential investors
  • Managed the investment tender
  • Negotiated with investors regarding the deal price and structure
  • Assisted in negotiating all legal documentation
  • Assisted in obtaining approvals from all of the company’s shareholders for entering into the deal