Siberian Networks
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The merger of Siberian Networks and Norilsk Telecom, the largest independent telecommunications operators in the Siberian Federal District

The shareholders of Siberian Networks, including the company founders and CapMan, a Scandinavian private equity fund, hired Proxima Capital Group as a financial consultant to manage the merger of Siberian Networks with Norilsk Telecom, a telecommunications operator owned by the Blagosostoyanie fund. Proxima Capital Group led negotiations between the shareholders of both companies regarding the deal price and structure, and assisted in negotiating all legal documentation for the deal and in its closing.

Proxima Capital Group acted as a financial consultant to Siberian Networks, the largest independent telecommunications operator in the Siberian Federal District, in its merger with Norilsk Telecom:

Prepared a detailed financial model for the merger
Negotiated and secured the deal price and structure on behalf of the Siberian Networks shareholders
Conducted a due diligence on Norilsk Telecom. Analysed risks and prepared recommendations for the client
Assisted in the due diligence on Siberian Networks
Assisted in negotiating legal documentation
Assisted in closing the deal