Nationwide chain of
wholesale distribution centres

US$750 million

Planned investment

2014 –

Project duration



RosAgroMarket is a network of multifunctional wholesale distribution centres for agriculture

The project objective is to modernise the infrastructure of the Russian agricultural sector and provide new marketing channels for agricultural products. Each wholesale distribution centre will have retail sale areas, a pavilion for wholesale trade, and multi-temperature storage facilities. There will also be a customs clearance service and a central electronic inventory system for agricultural products, as well as for orders collected and processed. The first two of these complexes will be launched in 2019 near to Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don.

As the largest investor in the project, Proxima Capital Group has, since 2014:

Raised financing, including from Vnesheconombank
Built a management team for the project
Developed good working relations and cooperation with local governments in the regions of operation
Provided equity for several infrastructure projects